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Cases Heard in the Justice Court:

  • Civil actions under $3,500
  • Criminal misdemeanor charges
  • Felony preliminaries
  • Marriage ceremonies
  • Highway Patrol, Sheriff Dept, JC Constable, and MDOT citations
  • Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks

About the Justice Court and Judges

Holmes County Justice Court has jurisdiction over all actions for the recovery of debts or damages as well as personal property, up to $3,500. Clients file affidavits in Justice Court to recover property to settle debts or to seek relief from disputes over family matters or issues involving neighbors and others.

Additionally, Justice Court handles fines resulting from citations by the Mississippi Highway Patrol and Fish and Wildlife Department officers. It holds court for citizens who protest such citations. It also holds court to settle criminal violations occurring outside the municipalities but within the county and performs marriage ceremonies. It issues process papers, subpoenas and warrants requiring an appearance in court on a specified date.

The officers of the court consist of Justice Court Clerks and/or Court Administrator, Deputy Clerks, and Justice Court Judges. Constables who are elected officials process papers, subpoenas and serve warrants.